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Moisture; the source of many problems around the home.  Water was seeping through these unsealed exterior walls and permeating dampness into the rest of the basement.  The homeowner had been constantly running a dehumidifier, which turned out to be expensive and ineffective.  Time for Made by Mikey to seal this room up tight. 

- Phase One -

Covering the walls of this storage room with a premium, high-quality sealer, R-10 insulation is then applied, eliminating of loss of heat and entry of moisture into the basement. 

- Phase Two -

Water-tight sealant is added between the seams of R-10 insulation, with Tuck Tape applied to further ensure no possible entry point for further moisture.

- Phase Three -

With walls that have been completely sealed and insulated, and a floor that is now sealed and painted, it is time to turn the attention to the ceiling, located underneath the back exterior deck of the house.

Moisture celing.jpg

- Phase Four -

A waterproof sealer is applied to every possible access point of entry in the ceiling of this cold storage room.  A primer & sealant are then applied to the entire surface area before the final coat of paint.

- Phase Five -

Once every square inch of the room is sealed and insulated a final coat of paint is applied to all surfaces.

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