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Made by MiKEY: Who the heck is this guy?!

For many years now it has perhaps been one of my greatest pleasures to construct, create or modify just about anything out of raw, recycled or natural materials - turning them into something that, first and foremost, leaves the least amount of carbon footprint on the Earth, but primarily improves the environment that you call home.  

It is truly my method to try and improve your lives with something that you might never have deemed possible.  Following that tradition, nearly every task, no matter how small or large, is one that is entirely unique from anything else I may have undertaken before.  It is my goal to leave you with something that is completely one-of-a-kind.

My experiences stem from working alongside many people in my very own family tree for years - carpenters, contractors, designers and engineers, all of whom were so incredibly talented in their own right, that perhaps it makes sense that these influences have spilled over into every one of my mechanisms.  Additionally, the many skills imparted upon me during my tenure at Earthbound Gardens continue to resonate deeply to this day.

It is my responsibility however, to everyone, that I continue to build new and lifelong relations with, to take the knowledge that I possess and enhance your lives through communication, dedication, ingenuity and creative thinking, every step of the way.  

I have been an Actor in the stage, film & television industry for quite some time, while walking the Artist's path.  I am a musician.  I am a comedy writer.  I am a Photographer.  I am a lyricist and singer.  I take the perpetual flow of the influences in my life & times and pour it into everything that I do.  

Art-minded creativity and outside-the-box thinking: together, we can accomplish great and wonderful things!

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Be a part of my journey, by clicking on any of my links below, with love, appreciation and gratitude:

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