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Just in time for gardening season!

During growing season, simply place your Vertical Garden anywhere the light touches. Just 4-6 hours of sunlight per day is usually all that is required to grow most herbs and organics.

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Constructed from all-natural, unaltered Canadian Spruce.  Every Vertical Garden is weather-treated using beeswax cultivated from from a local, family owned apiary. The BEST part about this process is that the beeswax, being a completely organic compound, will provide your garden with superfoods such as animate proteins,  biological hydrocarbons and precious nutrients!


The beeswax also entices pollinators to come to visit your garden. 

This helps sustain their lives while they help to maintain your harvest.

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Cone Flower

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Materials are ethically sourced and purchased from small, independent businesses that are steps from my Parkdale workshop. The growing troughs of each unit are SELF-DRAINING, and only requires that you empty a simple basin (like a margarine container) under the unit every couple of days. Pour it right back into the system - this way none of your plant nutrients are ever lost.  That's it!

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Self-sustainability at home is possible in just about any location where space may be an issue. Vertical Gardens are perfect for balconies, decks, patios, backyards and along fence lines.
I like to keep things simple in this complicated world, and, quite simply, anyone can use these with ease.

Vertical Gardens measure 40'' high,  26'' wide and 7½'' thick, 
with a growing depth of 6'' - 7''.

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Made to order, please allow 5-7 days.  
You will be contacted when your Vertical Garden is ready.  

When receiving your Vertical Garden please wear a mask - I will too!

Vertical Garden - Pick-up:    $140
*$50 Materials Fee withheld for refund requests.
Pick-ups will be socially distanced, at the following location: 
McCormick Arena, 179 Brock Avenue, Toronto.  


Vertical Garden - Delivery:    $165
*$50 Materials Fee withheld for refund requests.
Toronto addresses only please. 
Socially distanced, at a mutually arranged time.

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Y O U   M I G H T   A L S O   L I K E :

Planting Trough   $50

Add an additional planter to your Vertical Garden. 
Stackable up to 4 units high, self-draining, treated with beeswax. 

Perfect for any window, balcony, backyard or as a seed starter.

They measure 9" high, 26" wide and 6"-7" deep.  


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