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Indoor Herb Garden

Self-sustainability in your home is now possible year-round in just about any location where space may be an issue. I like to keep things simple in this complicated world, and, quite simply, anyone can use these with ease.

Constructed from raw, unaltered Canadian Pine.  Every Herbie is naturally treated using beeswax cultivated from from a local, family owned apiary. The BEST part about this process is that the beeswax, being a completely organic compound, will provide your herbs with
natural proteins and precious nutrients!


Like many things Made by MiKEY, this is a zero-waste product.  Also included is the sawdust that was generated during the making of your Herbie. Simply add it to your soil. It's rich in carbon and retains moisture. Your root systems will love you for it!

Materials are ethically sourced and purchased from small, family-operated businesses that are steps from my Parkdale workshop. Herbies are SELF-DRAINING, and only requires that you empty a small basin (included) under the unit. Pour it right back into the system - this way none of your plant nutrients are ever lost.  That's it!

Herbie with Sawdust.jpg

Window sills are a perfect place for your Herbie. They are also stackable, up to 4 units high. Incredibly versatile, The Herbie can be used with any number of easy, indoor growing applications.

Herbie in window.jpg
Herbie - grow light.jpg

Year-round self-sustainability, easily made possible with The Herbie, Made by MiKEY!

Herbie - planted.jpg
Herbie - stacked.jpg

Weight: 5¼ lbs / 2.3 kg
Height: 9 inches

Width: 9 inches
Protrusion: 8 inches

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Herbie - Pick-ups:    $35
Pick-ups are available at Parkdale Home Hardware, 

1372 Queen Street West, in Toronto (Parkdale).  You will be contacted by email and/or phone to make mutual pickup arrangements.

Herbie - Shipped:    $70
Flat rate within Canada, nationwide. 
Canada Post standard delivery, 7-10 days.
*contact for International shipping rates.

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Y O U   M I G H T   A L S O   L I K E :

Planting Trough   $50

Stackable, self-draining and treated with beeswax. 
Perfect for any window, balcony, backyard or as a seed starter.

They measure 9" high, 26" wide and 6"-7" deep.  


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