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So much more than a place to keep all things creepy and cool, these Convertible Caskets are the perfect place to display your wares, and keep them safe.  A secure asylum for your tinctures, your elixirs, your potions...and your whiskey and wine!


But Mikey digresses...there is more than meets the eye!


Alchemists and Wizards abound! Find safe haven for your precious crystals and gems. Toe of Squirrel, eye of newt - these caskets are morbidly cute.


A perfect cabinet for the kitchen; a bizarre spice rack for the living...but do not forget to keep your garlic in plain sight!



Casket Cat Bed
Convertible Casket

Your Convertible Casket can also turn into a CATSKET for your kitty! An adorable sarPAWphagus for your familiars and furry, little friends. Plenty of room for cats, and medium-to-small sized pups to roll up in their favourite blanket inside.


Hand Crafted and made to order, each Convertible Casket is constructed of locally sourced, Canadian Pine. Each Convertible Casket is VERSATILE, and can be CUSTOMIZED to suit you.  It is available in any one of EIGHT COLOURS!

Convertible Casket Cupboard


Weight: 10 lbs.

Height: 24''

Bottom Width: 7¼''

Shoulder Width: 15¾''

Interior Depth: 6¼''

While completing your purchase, you will be able to select any of the following options offered below.  

Pick-Ups: Pick-ups are available at Parkdale Home Hardware,

1372 Queen Street West, in Toronto (Parkdale).  You will be contacted by email and/or phone to arrange mutual pickup arrangements.  

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