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The Importance of Bird Houses

Bird Houses provide a safe haven to build nests that are protected from the elements and predators.  In the winter months, they give visiting birds a place to snuggle together for warmth away from the cold air.  Other than simply giving visiting birds a place to roost, birds will help out in many ways around your home and garden.  

Controlling pests.  Since birds eat insects, they will help to eliminate unwanted pests and ease the urge to use harmful pesticides.

Weed control.  Birds love to eat weed seeds.  Gardeners do not like to weed. A Win win situation for all!

Flower pollination.  There are many birds who love to sip nectar from flowers and help to pollinate. With the bee population in peril, attracting birds who do this is sure to benefit your garden.

Conservation. Birds love native plants.  If you grow these and then attract birds to your yard with bird friendly birdhouses, you will find that your gardening chores will diminish.

Property Values. A well maintained home with native landscaping that attracts birds has great curb appeal, which helps with your property value. 

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