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April 2021

Summer is Finally Here!

Now that planting season is underway, Made by MiKEY
can focus on encompassing your lives with more original creations. 
Made from upcycled and locally sourced materials,
they breathe new life into your Homes and Gardens,
and help to sustain the lives of nature's hardest workers.

No-waste products, constructed and upcycled
from "off-cuts" of other projects, 
such as my Vertical Gardens and Planting Troughs.

Such is a motto of mine, these produce no residue or
carbon footprint for our precious Earth to deal with.

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The Celts believed that the Tree of Life was a symbol of longevity, strength and rebirth. They believed that trees were our ancestors and provided a gateway to the spirit world. 

Intricately carved symbolism on 4 sides, this birdbox is ready to hang.  Ideal for smaller songbirds, it has a 1½'' entry hole and a removable roof coated in an all-natural water repellant made of locally harvested beeswax.

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Playful, zany, completely original and loads of fun!  This birdbox is stocked full of intricate engravings on 4 sides . . . with an impressive amount of (*fake*) T.N.T.!  

entirely influenced from my Saturday morning experiences as a tot, in front of the boob tube in my pajamas, trying to fit more than 10 Honeycomb cereal biscuits in my mouth at once during the commercial breaks.

A definite conversation starter, it comes ready to hang, and has a 1
½'' entry hole for smaller songbirds.  As well, the removable roof is coated in an all-natural weather repellent made of locally harvested beeswax.

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