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As June introduces July,

the world outside is in full reveal.

Every glance shows rejuvenation.

Signs of seasonal change.

The winds of promise, 

most importantly,

once more,

Vertical Gardening Season!

Welcome friends.

Beat the rampantly rising costs of food.
Grow your own fresh produce using limited space.

Constructed from ethically sourced Canadian Pine.

Organically treated with locally harvested beeswax.

These are self-draining, built to last

and so EASY to use!


Grow, harvest, eat healthy, save money, repeat.

It's that simple!

The Growing Trough

Add an additional planter to your Vertical Garden. 
Stackable up to 4 units high, self-draining,
treated with beeswax. 
Perfect for any window, balcony, backyard or as a seed starter.

They measure 9" high, 26" wide and 6"-7" deep.

The Herbie

Just like the Growing Trough, Herbies are stackable up to 4 units high.

They are self-draining, treated with beeswax and are 
perfect for any window, balcony or as a seed starter.

They measure 9" high, 9" wide and 6"-7" deep.

These are PERFECT for getting your plants & herbs started 

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