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‘Twas a night in December, when all through the net,
countless boutiques crammed with gifts I can get. 


Face creams and T-shirts and Gadgets galore,
but nothing inspiring that says mi amore.

This year, why not fill your sleigh

with the unique and wonderful things

found at Made by

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~ click on any gift tag to view ~

The Nut Bar made by Mikey
gift tag - nut bar.jpg
gift tag - birdfeeders.jpg
gift tag - planting trough.jpg
gift tag - purrbie.jpg
nom nom nom.jpg
Pink Bilbo Casket with black border.jpg
gift tag - casket.jpg
Herbie - stacked.jpg
gift tag - herbie.jpg
gift tag - wall vase.jpg
Wall Vase.jpg
gift tag - birdhouses.jpg
gift tag - picnic tble for kids.jpg
IMG_0231 (2).JPG
Vertical Garden Units (1)_edited.jpg
gift tag - vertical gardens.jpg
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