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'Round these parts we're celebrating this Holiday season, with a collection of completely original, handcrafted products, straight from Mikey's imagination.

With Christmas just around the corner, consider giving something that simply doesn't exist anywhere else, instead of waiting in line to see what is available.

Buying locally and directly supporting Artists
and their craft is good for everybody!

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Made from locally sourced materials, they sustain the lives of nature's hardest workers this Winter, and will breathe new life into your Homes and Gardens.

No-waste products, constructed and upcycled from off-cuts of other projects, 
such as our Vertical Gardens and Planting Troughs.

These produce no residue or carbon footprint for our precious Earth to deal with.

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Give a loved one a head start on Spring planting season.  Self-sustainability
right at your fingertips, with three growing troughs that self-drain into one another, 
to retain all the plant & herb-producing nutrients that are otherwise lost in
traditional planters.  Each garden unit is constructed from Canadian Spruce and Pine,
and is coated in locally harvested beeswax.  This is truly a zero-waste product that
attracts bees and other pollinators, which will maintain your food, and theirs!  
Perfect for most any balcony, backyard, porch or deck.

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The self-draining design eliminates root-rot and over watering.  Place a small receptacle under the drain hole, and pour the water right back in. This way no nutrients are ever lost - it's that simple!

Constructed of Canadian pine, the results will speak for themselves, and you will be amazed just how easy it is to use.  Coated in locally harvested beeswax, they are lightweight, portable and built to last.  They can be used all year round and are perfect for any window sill!  Great for the environment, AND it is constructed with zero waste left over.  You even get the sawdust that is created during construction, so that you can add it to your soil - your plant's root systems will love you for it!  They are stackable up to four units high, and are a perfect addition
atop one of Made by Mikey's Vertical Gardens.

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All-season picnic and craft tables. Hand-made, they are sturdy & strong,
and are perfect for children up to 13 years of age.
Made from Canadian materials, these are designed to last.

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Entirely original, completely unique, sourced from local & independent businesses,
and stained and preserved organically.  Custom made for your artwork.

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