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Animals need love too!

We are now deep into the throes of summer,

alongside our winged and fuzzy-tailed friends.  Spend your time outside at home or cottage paying it forward, to the tiny creatures that crave a great snack or a meal, with this assortment of adorable, self-serve feeders that will surely make you feel thankful that you have friends that come in every shape and size!


The Nut Bar made by Mikey

The Nut Bar

A refillable, Old Western style saloon for both Chipmunk and Squirrel.  Complete with authentic leather bar stool, and self-dispensing peanut bar!  Comes with a 400 g bag of peanuts in the shell and a 3½'' screw for easy installation to any tree or fence.  Can also stand freely on its own, wherever your fuzzy friends may roam!


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Birdie Picnic Table

A tiny picnic table for birds, squirrels and most any other backyard or balcony guest. An included 4 oz. jar inserted snugly in the middle of table top allows you to secure the lid during bad weather. Table comes with 600 g of premium birdseed mix. Table is constructed of Canadian Pine and is built to last.


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A Squirrel's Picnic

A miniature scale, free-standing picnic table for birds, squirrels and chipmunks. Comes complete with a 400 g bag of peanuts and 4 oz. mason jar that sits snugly inside the table top. Also comes with a metal hanger that is easy to install onto standard fence board. Free-standing, it can be set down on any flat surface. Perfect for birdies too!


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