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Gardening is quite possible in nearly any area of the home, inside or outside, where there is at least 3-5 hours of direct sunlight.  Vertical gardening is an effective way for apartment dwellers to grow their own herbs, edibles and plants on balconies, where space is limited.  This process is also a great way to add a living, vertical supplement to any yard garden.  The possibilities are simply endless, and Made by Mikey specializes in tailoring urban gardens for virtually any rooftop, home or living space.

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Available at Shop MiKEY
Organically treated with locally harvested beeswax, these Vertical Garden units 
will yield an abundance of fresh herbs, flowers and vegetables in just 3-5 hours of
sunlight.  They are self-draining, maintenance free, and available for purchase
and delivery in my store.  

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