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Made by MiKEY encourages everyone to reach out, connect and support each other this month.  Everyone should be celebrating together, as we have all endured some very challenging times lately and, in spite of all of it, we have come a long way, with further to go.  Together.  Happy Pride Month to everyone, everywhere!

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Grow your own organic Food, Herbs and Plants easily and conveniently, without sacrificing precious space! 

Three troughs self-drain into a small receptacle placed under the unit, which will prevent over watering and root rot.  Simply pour the drainage right back into your garden to ensure your plants never lose any precious nutrients. 

Each unit is constructed from raw, unaltered Canadian Pine, and is naturally weather-treated using locally harvested beeswax.  This organic barrier ensures steady growth and provides all of the sustenance and nutrients your garden needs.  

Slanted fronts on each trough means that the sky truly is the limit for all of your plants, promoting a full and healthy cycle, and providing all the room your garden needs to grow.

*click this short video to see how each one is made, with love*

Please Note:
The Ontario Lumber industry has experienced supply issues and a severe rise in cost since March of 2020.  Ordering a garden unit before June 30th guarantees that yours will be ready within 5 days. 
Supplies *may* be limited after this date.

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'Tis the season for your backyard birds
to search for the perfect dwelling,
for their new brood.

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